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Cricket Bat Maker can make any shape you would like.

There are three ways of approaching your custom bat shape:
1) You outline your batting details (using our bat sizing form) or
2) If you know what you are looking for, tell us what you want (use our contact form or email

Although we are not limited to these shapes, almost all cricket bats that have ever been made are variations of these shapes. Always talk to us if you have any questions about bat shapes. We are more than happy to chat.

By hand making our bats we are able to alter the profile, including having a high, medium or low sweetspot, changing the edges, and scalloping out the back of the blade. We can make traditional bats or modern ones and we can copy your old favourite.

Below is a selection of shapes. These should be used as a guide only. We can alter these to suit your requirements. Please email us with your request to see if we can make your bat, or if you prefer use our bat sizing tool.

Lower Middle Shape

Full Profile Shape

Middle Profile Shape

Ultra Profile Shape

Extreme Lower Shape

If you plan to choose one of our customized bats these shapes can be altered to suit your style of play. To order a handcrafted custom bat choose Custom bat order. Not sure what you need or have a specification of your own? Please email us on